• Sun, 21 April – Greyhound Massage, k9Fitness and Conditioning Workshop, 9-11am 
  • Sun, 5 May – Wellness Day at Kiwi Vet Behaviour, 12pm-4pm 
  • Mobile In-Home Remedial Massage and PBM Vetcare Photizo Red Light Therapy for your pets, or come and see us at:
  • Pets in the City (Wairau Park) Wellness Wednesdays – BOOK HERE
  • Also at Kiwi Vet Behaviour (Ellerslie) or West Harbour Vet Clinic (Hobsonville) on dedicated days.

Book in advance so you don’t miss out! Contact Mary-Anne on 021 256 5868 to secure your time slot.

Help us raise funds for Greyhounds as Pets rehoming charity in April – $10 from each treatment session will be donated to GAP to help raise funds for many foster dogs currently waiting for their furever homes.

Professional Canine Massage Therapy for dogs from all walks of life – pet dogs, working dogs and sporting dogs of all ages, health conditions and temperaments.

Canine Fitness and Training classes are also available to enhance and maintain your dog’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Canine Massage Therapy

Greyt Touch is the Canine Massage Therapy arm of Greyt Results. Mary-Anne Smith is the leading certified canine massage therapist on Auckland’s North Shore and specialises in a range of canine massage techniques suited to dogs of all ages, health conditions, temperaments and breeds.  

On dedicated days, we offer remedial massage treatments for dogs and cats at Pets in the City (Wairau Park), Kiwi Vet Behaviour (Ellerslie) and West Harbour Vet Clinic (Hobsonville). Contact Mary-Anne to book: 021 256 5868.

A mobile in-home canine massage therapy service is also available. Ideal for busy pet parents, or dogs that have difficulty travelling. A travel fee may apply for areas outside of Auckland’s North Shore. 


Come and see us at the Dog Agility Competition Events.
Mary-Anne Smith will be doing pre and post event sport massages for the canine athletes: 20min massages at $45 per massage, from 8am – 4pm.  Pet parents & handlers can also book in for a 20min Indian Head, Neck and Shoulders Massage.

Types of Canine Massage

Pre/Post Surgery Massage

Often dogs are referred to massage therapy when recovering from an injury or illness. Pre and post-operative massage sessions assist the healing response by improving cardiovascular circulation, range of motion, lymphatic drainage, reducing levels of cortisol (stress hormone) and helping with the breakdown of
scar tissue.

Therapeutic Massage for dogs diagnosed with arthritis

or for those diagnosed with cancer, or may be at palliative/ hospice stage of life benefit greatly from massage therapy.

Relaxation Massage for anxious dogs, or behavioural issues

Dogs with high levels of anxiety have the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline flooding their system and impacting their health. Fear, skin conditions, poor digestion, inflammation and often a weakened immune system are the result of chronic anxiety. Massage improves circulation, calms the nervous system, relieves pain and releases endorphins.   

Tripod Dogs

Also known as “Tripaws” that have had limbs amputated develop all sorts of compensatory issues, having to adjust to a new normal by shifting their weight to different parts of their body. Regular massage is beneficial in releasing tight muscles and stiff joints now having to work harder in supporting the body weight differently. 

Dog massage is appropriate for dogs of all ages

Regular massage benefits our senior dogs suffering from arthritis by improving their joint mobility, range of motion and coat condition; to helping puppies with tummy issues and dogs with anxiety, behavioural issues, as well as benefiting dogs with congenital birth defects or hereditary conditions such as hip or elbow dysplasia. 

Canine massage is also widely used for active dogs, sporting dogs and working dogs. Pre-event massage sessions help prepare the dog for optimal performance pre-event, while post-event massage help the dog’s body system process and eliminate the build-up of lactic acid, aids in tissue repair, as well as promoting rest and relaxation post-event. 

Once you have seen and experienced your dog’s healing response from their first (or regular maintenance) massage therapy, it’s easy to value the importance of canine massage therapy – an integral part of animal rehabilitation and physio. We also work alongside veterinary professionals such as Kiwi Vet Behaviour; and rehabilitation practitioners such as Bounce Animal Rehabilitation Centre (B.A.R.C) and Canine Healing Hands. 

Canine Massage Options...

Initial Assessment


1-1.5 hours

Meet pet parent to discuss dog’s history, conduct a gait observation, build trust with the dog and provide a massage.

Follow-up Massage


1 hour


Half hour


Enquire about discounts for multi-pet households


Greyt Touch massage discount applies for Greyt Stay Homestay Hounds.


Gift your furbaby a massage during their Birthday month.
Birthday/ Gotcha Day 1-hour massages are half-price!
(Travel fee may apply)

For in-home visits, a travel fee may apply for areas outside of Auckland’s North Shore.

To achieve great results, as with human massage therapy, regular maintenance sessions are encouraged to maintain your dog’s ongoing health and wellbeing.

To book a canine massage or enquire about more details, contact Mary-Anne Smith
021 256 5868 or info@GreytResults.co.nz

Vetcare Photizo Red Light Therapy

Greyt Results Ltd is an official New Zealand reseller of the portable Photizo Vetcare handheld therapy device.

The Photizo is scientifically proven to treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal and skin conditions through non-invasive Red & Infrared Light Therapy (also known as PBM/ Photobiomodulation).

Photizo Vetcare is CE approved – using medical grade, high-power diodes, properly spaced for better penetration, coverage, and precision dosing.

The Photizo is widely trusted by veterinarians, animal physiotherapists and rehabilitation practitioners worldwide.

The Vetcare Photizo complements Mary-Anne’s remedial massage sessions and is used according to the animal’s remedial treatment requirements.

The easy to use, pre-programmed handheld device is available for rental and purchase.

Short term rental is ideal to use daily between massage sessions.
For rental options, email: info@GreytResults.co.nz

Purchasing your own Vetcare Photizo device – beneficial if your pet is suffering from long term chronic conditions such has arthritis or hip/elbow dysplasia. Sporting dogs, working dogs and active dogs (for example agility dogs) will also greatly benefit from daily or regular treatment with the Vetcare Photizo device.

Vetcare Photizo Benefits

  • Can be used on all animals: cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, horses, livestock and birds.
  • helps reduce inflammation, improves circulation, promotes healthy cell repair in acute traumatic conditions and ongoing chronic conditions.
  • helps with a range of musculoskeletal issues including arthritis and joint dysplasia pain, tendonitis, trigger points, myositis, ligament/tendon sprains and strains, bruising, fractures, oedema, hematomas, muscle injuries, muscle spasms, neck and back pain, splints, overuse injuries, synovitis, seromas and mastitis.
  • Post-operative care – the production of anti-inflammatories and antioxidants in the body is increased to reduce post-operative inflammation. In addition, wounds heal faster, bone recovery and healing is enhanced and scarring is reduced.
  • Pain management – regular Photizo red light therapy helps to stimulate the cells to maintain a healthy condition in bones, nerves, cartilage and muscle tissue. This may help to prevent further degeneration of tissues like nerves, bones, joints and blood vessels.
  • Skin conditions that benefit from regular Vetcare Photizo use include wounds, lacerations, abscesses, saddle sores, skin allergies, eczema, hot spots, habronema, proud flesh, acral lick granulomas, bruising, otitis externa, pyoderma, pododermatitis and more.

Vetcare Photizo Features

  • Safe, non-invasive and easy to use, the Vetcare Photizo is a portable light weight handheld device
  • Rechargable long lasting battery
  • Cycles are pre-programmed and the user-guide clearly explains cycles for various animals and birds
  • Photizo Vetcare has also achieved great results when being used on acupoints to relieve pain in animals.
  • Click here for details
Vetcare Photizo LED Light Therapy v. Laser Light Therapy

What is the difference?

  • Both are a non-invasive photochemical process known as photobiomodulation (PBM)
  • Both fill unique roles in the world of complementary medicine
  • Both have important applications
  • Both can provide effective, powerful healing light
Studies have shown that light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for most applications are as effective and less expensive than lasers.


Ty, large crossbreed german sheppard, mastiff cross, rottweiler with 15cm wound with stitches (now scar tissue) on his left forelimb

GreytResults Treatment: Weekly Canine Massage, including advanced techniques of lymphatic drainage, followed by twice-weekly scar tissue massage the day after sutures were removed and regular use of the Vetcare Photizo device.

Note how quickly the 15cm wound and the scar tissue has healed. There are 3 phases to scar tissue formation and scar tissue massage will continue well into Stage 3 to ensure the scar tissue becomes as flexible as possible across Ty’s carpus (wrist) as he has only turned 1yr old and his bones are still growing and we need to ensure his skin remains pliable and able to stretch without the tough and shrinking scar tissue restricting or impeding the use of his carpal joint.

Boo, greyhound that has had a left shoulder tendonectomy

GreytResults Treatment: Post-operative Canine Massage, advanced techniques of lymphatic drainage and daily use of the Vetcare Photizo device.

Note the oedema and intense mulberry coloured hematoma on left shoulder, left and right trunk and chest at Day 3 post-surgery. Boo’s owner rented the Photizo between our weekly massage sessions. Note the incredible difference 4 days later – the inflammation has dramatically reduced the mulberry hematoma has disappeared!

To rent, purchase or enquire about Vetcare Photizo Light Therapy devices…

Contact Mary-Anne Smith on 021 256 5868 or info@GreytResults.co.nz

Remedial massage, physio, PBM LED/laser light therapy and/or any other complementary therapy is not a substitute for veterinary care. Furthermore, only a licensed veterinarian can diagnose a health condition or disease. If you have any concerns about the health of your animals, please always seek advice and a diagnosis from your veterinarian. Massage treatment and Vetcare Photizo LED red light therapy results may vary from animal to animal depending on the type of animal, their breed and health conditions.

For more case studies, please feel free to view the following…

Photizo UK Youtube Channel

Homestay for Hounds

Greyt Stay is the pawfect home-away-from-home for your hound. Our homestay for dogs is situated 2km from the Oteha Valley exit if you’re headed north of Auckland for your holiday or weekend away.  In-home petsitting services are occasionally available too. 

We add a great touch to everything we do, so let us know if we can help with anything while dog-sitting your hound. For example: Administering medication, clipping dog nails and endulging your hound with therapeutic canine massage to help them settle into their new environment. 

Depending on our availability, we can also help out with dog walking and pet-taxi services to take your dog to the vet if you are unable to (for example if you or your family are isolating due to COVID and need a hand). Travel fees may apply depending on where you are based in Auckland. 

To book a homestay booking or enquire about more details, contact Mary-Anne Smith on 021 256 5868 or info@GreytResults.co.nz

Canine Fitness & Dog Training

Canine Fitness and Dog Training classes are available to enhance and maintain your dog’s physical and mental wellbeing.

We work alongside K9FUNdamentals to ensure your dog receives the best dog training classes with professional certified trainers. 

Keep an eye on our calendar of events for upcoming classes, such as the GH101 course, scentwork, puppy classes and canine fitness workshops.  


WORKSHOP – GREYHOUND Massage, k9Fitness and Conditioning (Auckland) – Sunday 21st April 2024, 9am – 11am

Tuesday’s 16th, 23rd & 30th April, 7:15pm – 8:30pm

Register your interest by emailing: info@k9fundamentals.co.nz

To book a dog training session please send an email to info@k9fundamentals.co.nz  Numbers are limited, so book in quickly to secure your place.

About Us  |  Mary-Anne Smith

Professional Courses Completed

Vet Nurse Plus, Auckland New Zealand
Level 5 – Certificate in Animal Technology – Vet Nurse Assistant

Otago Polytech, New Zealand
I am currently enrolled and studying towards my 2-year diploma in Vet Nursing

PET First Aid Course – facilitated by PET First Aid & Training (NZ)

Canis Bodyworks Canine Massage Certification, Chicago, USA
(formerly known as the Chicago School of Canine Massage)
Courses completed (150-hours theory & 300-hours of in person hands-on training):

  1. Trust & Relationship-Building with Dogs
  2. Canine Massage Fundamentals
  3. The Physical Dog
  4. Canine Palliative/Hospice Care & Oncology Massage
  5. Canine First Aid Concepts & Pathology 
  6. Business of Massage & Bodywork
  7.  Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy & Orthopedic Friction (advanced
  8.  Lymphatic Drainage Massage (advanced course)
  9.  Sports Massage and Fitness for the Active Dog

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FDSA), USA 

Dr Deborah (Gross) Torraca, DPT, MSPT, Diplomat ABPTS, CCRP

  • K9 Conditioning (CC110), 6-week course – dog anatomy, basic conditioning for dogs, and general exercises
  • K9 Conditioning (CC120), 6-week course – delving deeper, more advanced and specific conditioning for dogs, and general exercises
  • Get Out in Front: A Focus on Forelimb Health and Strengthening (CC240), 6-week course
  • Conditioning and Concerns for the TriPod dog (CC250)

Erin Lynes

  • Aged to Perfection: Keeping Your Senior Fit in Mind and Body (CC140), 6-week course

Petra Ford

  • Powerful Performance: Fitness to Optimize All Sports (CC180), 6-week course

Deb Rischar 

  • Fit to Finish: Benefits of Canine Fitness for the Nose Work Dog

Greyhound 101 courses (for owners of retired ex-racing greyhounds)

 I adopted Dolly (Jetsun Swan) – a retired racing greyhound through GAP (Greyhounds as Pets) a couple of years ago and have since become very involved in the community. I am passionate in providing essential wellbeing services for your dog in order to maintain healthy happy hounds and achieve great results.

Dolly has a couple of old injuries that occasionally flare up. She has had such great results from regular canine massage, laser therapy, soundwave therapy and canine conditioning rehab exercises.

Over recent years I found it challenging to find available rehab or certified massage therapists due to their long waiting lists and increased demand with the surge in the amount of COVID-pups of all breeds that were purchased/ adopted during COVID. 

This prompted me to reach out and connect with professionals within the industry on how to go about becoming a certified professional so that I can join the industry and work towards my ultimate passion and goal of providing canine rehab and canine massage therapy to pet, working and sporting dogs in New Zealand.  

The wonderful Rochelle Townsend of Canine Healing Hands, Sophie Pettit of BARC (Bounce Animal Rehabilitation Centre) and K9FUNdamentals’ Fiona Sarten & Vince Fong have been instrumental in my journey – introducing Dolly and I to the essential elements of animal wellbeing and rehab, leading me to join the much needed team of pet professionals in New Zealand. 

A big thank you to the dog adoption and rehoming agencies such as GAP (Greyhounds as Pets), Mayhounds and Nightrave for the incredible work they do in pairing up the retired racing greyhounds with families such as our own. Dolly has transformed my life, connecting me to an amazing greyhound and wider dog community throughout Auckland, all of New Zealand and the rest of world. It’s such a meaningful experience volunteering as GAP’s Auckland Event Coordinator – assisting in pat’n’chat sessions, fundraising activities, monthly walks and a range of other public events.

When we have an afternoon off, you’re bound to find Dolly (and I) enjoying puppachino’s or a sip-n-paint evening at The Stoned Cow Cafe in Browns Bay. Keep an eye on our calendar of events for our regular doggie massage days at The Stoned Cow Café. 

A special mention to David Hall, my partner and Dolly’s furever dad for his never ending support, and heavy lifting – literally – when Dolly and I need a helping hand. We can’t remember what life was like without Dolly in it. We never stop learning, loving and sharing so much with each other every day. 

It is my mission to add a great touch to everything I do. I look forward to working with you and your dog in achieving great results to enhance and maintain your dog’s wellbeing.  

Contact Us

To make a booking for canine massage, homestay, or dog training classes; or to enquire about more details,
contact Mary-Anne Smith on 021 256 5868 or info@GreytResults.co.nz

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